The Best Couples in the Cosmere

The Top 10 Best Couples in the Cosmere

By: Preston Simmons

Kal and Syl from the Stormlight Archive

Love In the Cosmere

Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere is a massive universe filled with many different characters. Romance and love between the characters are often a driving force in many Cosmere stories. Sometimes, love is complicated. Other times, the love is solid and fulfilling. But which couples in the Cosmere have the best relationship?

Note: To appear on the list, the two people have to be in a legitimate relationship. Although love can be shown in many non-romantic ways, to qualify for this list, the characters either have to be an established couple or are basically in a relationship even if they haven’t put a label on it (yet).

Without further ado, here are the top 10 best couples in the Cosmere!

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*Warning: spoilers for the Cosmere novels ahead!*

#10 – Breeze and Allrianne (From Mistborn Era 1)

Breeze and Allrianne fanart- one of the best couples in the cosmere
Breeze and Allrianne fanart by @zoethatcher_art

Breeze and Allrianne have one of the most complicated relationships in the Cosmere that is somehow also one of the strongest. At first, Breeze insisted on keeping his relationship with Allrianne a secret due to their vast age gap. However, Allrianne was the exact opposite and wanted everyone to know how much she loved her “Breezy.”

When Breeze first met Allrianne, it was her that pursued him. “Pursued” was used lightly as it turned out that Allrianne, like Breeze, was a powerful allomancer able to riot the emotions in people. She used her ability to enhance Breeze’s attraction to her and eventually make him fall in love.

Ironically, that made their relationship even more substantial as Breeze began to respect Allrianne even more because her abilities mirror his own. Through the books, Breeze often goes out of his way to protect Allrianne through his actions and vice-versa.

Off-screen, we know that their relationship lasted well after the series ended because eventually, we are introduced to their descendant Wax Ladrian in Mistborn Era 2!

#9 – Jasnah and Wit (From the Stormlight Archive)

Jasnah and Wit fanart by @Jessichenliu

Jasnah and Wit are one of the best couples in the Cosmere because of how well their personalities mesh with one another. Jasnah is a strong-willed, quick-witted, intelligent thinker who would rather debate philosophy and battle with words than her shardblade. Wit is all of those things, and more. He’s always the most intelligent person in the room, would instead use his words than his fists (though he’s not opposed to showing his strength when necessary), and is more than anything, a storyteller.

Simply put, they are the power couple I didn’t know I needed until I had it.

Though they are a couple and work so well with one another, they are so low on the list because there is not much love in the relationship, if any at all. The relationship feels more like a partnership based more on mutual respect for the other’s mind than the actual person’s love.

For example, if Jasnah ever came in the way of Wit’s ultimate goals, I wouldn’t put it past him to kill her. Likewise, if Wit ever got in the way of Jasnah’s goals, I feel like she would throw him away without a second thought.

But as long as their goals align, the two together feel nearly unstoppable.

#8 – Wayne and Melaan (From Mistborn Era 2)

Wayne and MeLaan fanart by @blendy-pens on Tumblr

Wayne and MeLaan are one of the cutest couples in the Cosmere that aren’t technically dating (though they are pretty much a couple in everything but name). Their dynamic together is what makes them a perfect pair. The only minor problem is that there are a few hundred years in age difference between the two of them, and the small fact that one of them isn’t human doesn’t stop them from making the arrangement work.

Wayne is notorious for being eccentric with tons of weird quirks. While Wayne’s antics turn most people entirely off, MeLaan loves them. Together, the two of them create a goofy, dorky, and adorable pair that can’t keep their hands off each other more often than not.

Hopefully, their relationship will become official in the upcoming book The Lost Metal.

#7 – Sazed and Tindwyl (From Mistborn Era 1)

Sazed and Tindwyl fanart by Kelley Harris @krharts

Sazed and Tindwyl are one of the best couples in the Cosmere because there is so much respect between them. Sazed admires Tindwyl because of her immense strength in her past by doing her duty as a Terris breeder even though she loathed for her body to be used like that. Sazed also loved her intelligence and strong-willed personality, a quality he hoped she could help give to Elend.

Tindwyl loved and respected Sazed for his strength to never give in, being strong like the wind, willing to bend, but never apologetic for showing firmness. Though Sazed was an incredible influence on Vin and Kelsier (as well as his crew), Tindwyl understood him more than anyone else.

However, their relationship took a long while to get started, so they are so low on the list. Sazed often disappointed Tindwyl for being a rebel and not living up to her potential in him. Sazed was disappointed in Tindwyl for her stubbornness and unwillingness to see his point of view. It was often a cause for heated arguments between the couple. So, although they fought a lot, they loved each other entirely at the end of the day.

#6 – Raoden and Sarene (From Elantris)

Raoden and Sarene fanart by

Raoden and Sarene’s relationship is one of the most interesting because it was built on true love gained over time rather than with an immediate infatuation with either member.

As a “cursed” Elantrian, Raoden physically looked deformed and almost zombie-like. He was sickly looking and completely unappealing compared to how he once looked like the Prince. However, his personality remained unchanged, and he was strong and confident. Sarene could see past his appearance and love him for who he was rather than what he looked like.

Ironically enough, Raoden was previously betrothed to Sarene; though they had never met in person, they fell in love with one another through their writings. So, when they did meet for the first time, she had no idea that the Elantrian man was Raoden.

Raoden, on the other hand, realized who Sarene was and was able to fall in love with her for her kindness and desire to help people. He also recognized her political genius and appreciated her intelligence. Together, they made a powerful couple.

#5 – Siri and Susebron (From Warbreaker)

Siri and Susebron by @DosSantos

Siri and Susebron are among the best couples in the Cosmere because of their strong mutual love for one another. For Siri, Susebron is someone she desires to protect and care for.

She recognized his kindness and appreciated his strong moral compass while also realizing that even though he is the God-King, in reality, he’s a victim of the T’Telir society like her. Her love for him allowed her to teach him to read and write, and through that, their relationship became so strong that she realized that Susebron knew more about the real her than anyone else, including her sister.

Susebron came to love Siri more than anyone else, and to him, she was the most important person in his life. She taught him to think for himself, read and write, and become a functioning person, something that he appreciated immensely. Siri became Susebron’s source of happiness, and Susebron became hers.

#4 – Wax and Steris (From Mistborn Era 2)

Wax and Steris fanart by @artbyjuliajm

Wax and Steris are one of the best couples in the Cosmere because they make one of the best teams. Although Steris isn’t a fighter like Wax, she acts as his emotional backbone and helps keep him grounded. On the other hand, Wax helps break Steris out of her shell, allowing her to open up and experience the world unlike she has ever done before.

What makes their relationship so good is that Wax and Steris might have the most growth as a couple out of all the couples on the list. At first, neither liked each other very much. Their marriage was more of a business transaction rather than out of love. But after getting to know one another, they could share their vulnerabilities and truly fall in love.

Steris became Wax’s number one supporter and a necessary element in his life. Without Steris, Wax would have crumbled and become lost in his depression. Through Wax, Steris learned to open up and begin to love herself. It was only through Steris’s love and support that Wax made it as far as he did.

In other words, they both bring the best out of each other, making them perfect for one another.

#3 – Shallan and Adolin (From the Stormlight Archive)

Shallan and Adolin fanart by @ephermeres

Shallan and Adolin’s relationship is unique in that it’s one of the most challenging but also strong. In a way, Adolin’s love for Shallan is one of the strongest and most affectionate in the Stormlight Archive. Shallan has a physical manifestation of a split personality disorder, frequently changing in both appearance and personality at a whim.

For many, this would be a major dealbreaker. Shallan would often change personalities mid-sentence, yet somehow, Adolin can love Shallan even if her lightweaver abilities turn her into entirely different people. In a way, Adolin has acted as Shallan’s caretaker and anchor to reality. He is Shallan’s light in the dark, and without him, she would be lost.

Shallan can recognize how much Adolin means to her. She loves him wholeheartedly and values him as a person. Shallan is also able to bring the best out of Adolin. She helps him grow out of his father’s shadow and is always there for him when he needs her support. She shares his burdens with him, and he shares hers. Though they are flawed, they are one of the best couples in the Cosmere.

#2 – Vin and Elend (From Mistborn Era 1)

Vin and Elend fanart by @Meoni_ka

Vin and Elend are one of the two best couples in the Cosmere. Their love for one another is so strong that often both feel like they aren’t worthy of each other. Vin, at one point, believed that she wasn’t good enough for him because she was too strong and often scary in the way she dealt with enemies. Elend, at one point, thought he was too unimportant and uninteresting for someone as powerful and incredible as Vin.

But the common theme was that while both were afraid they weren’t good enough for each other, they still in their hearts wanted what was best for the other person. Vin’s only desire was to see Elend happy and safe. Elend’s only desire was to be with Vin and live a life with her.

In the end, Elend and Vin became each other’s reasons to live. Their love for one another was one of the strongest in the series, and for that reason, they are one of the best couples in the Cosmere.

#1 – Dalinar and Navani (From The Stormlight Archive)

Dalinar and Navani fanart

Dalinar and Navani are the best couples in the Cosmere. Their relationship is what I believe to be the closest to perfect in the entire 22 book series.

The pair are perfect for each other. They compliment one another’s strengths and weaknesses; they are so similar while also being independent and strong on their own. Their trust for one another is unlike any other couple in the Cosmere. When Dalinar was at his lowest point, Navani was there by his side. Likewise, when Navani was at her lowest point, Dalinar was there for her.

A relationship should not be one-sided or dominated by one person. It is a partnership between two people. Dalinar and Navani make a great pair that work so well together. Navani makes Dalinar stronger, and Dalinar supports Navani to be the best person she can be. Their maturity and wisdom while coming up with solutions to the struggles they face on Roshar make them a perfect team.

Together, they are the best couple in the Cosmere.

Final Thoughts

These are the best couples in the Cosmere. Though most of the couples had their fair share of issues and some points during their relationship, their love for one another overcame the obstacles they faced.

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