The Stormlight Archive Character Height Chart

How tall are the characters in the Stormlight Archive?

By: Preston Simmons

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About Roshar as a Planet

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson takes place on a planet called Roshar that is part of the greater Cosmere.

Roshar is not Earth, and because of that, the gravitational force of the planet is less than that of Earth. If Earth’s gravitational force is 9.807 m/s^2, Roshar’s is around 6.87 m/s^2, or around 70% of the Cosmere standard.

What does that mean in regards to the heights of the Rosharans? It means that the people of Roshar are taller than the average human of Earth.

With that information, and with the help of certain lines in the Stormlight Archive novels, we can deduce how tall the characters in the Stormlight Archive are. And with in mind, we can create an (unofficial) Stormlight Archive character height chart!

How to determine The Height of the characters in the Stormlight Archive

” I can see what you’re up to.”

“Five foot six inches ,” Shallan said. “I suspect that’s all I will ever be up to, unfortunately.”

Shallan Davar – Words of Radiance

With this quote is possible to determine the heights of most, if not all, the characters in the Stormlight Archive. Shallan claims to be 5’6, but we know that a Rosharan system of measurement is slightly different from the one we use on Earth.

Though Shallan claims to be 5’6, in Earth standards she would be taller. At minimum, Shallan would be 5’8 in Earth standard due to the weaker gravitational force on Roshar, which would lengthen limbs. But, I would argue that in Earth standards, Shallan is closer to 5’10, which is considered short on Roshar.

We also know the differences in height between Shallan, Kaladin, and Adolin due to Shallan’s observation of the two. In many occasions, Shallan tilts her head to look up to Kaladin and Adolin when speaking to them. In addition, Shallan also mentions how tall Jasnah is compared to her and Taravangian (WoK Ch. 5).

By comparing Shallan to various characters, like Jasnah, then comparing that character to the others (i.e Jasnah to Dalinar), and so on, it’s possible to determine the approximate heights of the various characters in the Stormlight Archive.

In addition, we also have an official confirmation of Kaladin’s Rosharan height in this Words of Brandon:


“How tall is Kaladin?”

Brandon Sanderson:

“Kaladin I think is 6′ 4″? But I’m not 100% sure how the equivalent– Like he is 6′ 4″ to Rosharans, which may actually put him several inches taller to the 6′ 4″, like the feet on Roshar are not exactly the same as feet here.”

Brandon Sanderson at Skyward Houston signing (November 19th, 2018)

Disclaimer: These are not the official heights, these are approximations based on quotes, descriptions, and Words of Brandon

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Stormlight Archive Character Height Chart

How Tall Is:Height (ft) Roshar StandardHeight (ft) Earth StandardHeight (cm) Earth Standard
Shallan Davar5’65’10177 cm
Kaladin Stormblessed6’46’8203 cm
Sylphrena (Spren form)1’01’440 cm
Adolin Kholin6’16’5195 cm
Jasnah Kholin6’06’4193 cm
Dalinar Kholin6’36’7200 cm
Navani Kholin5’86’0182 cm
Renarin Kholin6’06’4193 cm
Elhokar Kholin6’26’6198 cm
Szeth Son-Son-Vallano5’35’7170 cm
Rock7’07’4223 cm
Lift4’95’1154 cm
Moash6’26’6198 cm
Taravangian5’65’10182 cm
Lopen5’75’11180 cm
Teft6’06’4193 cm
Venli (voidform)7’07’4223 cm
Eshonai (warform)7’37’5226 cm
Rlain (warform)7’27’6228 cm
Rysn (standing)5’86’0182 cm
Leshwi7’27’6228 cm
Raboniel7’27’6228 cm

2 thoughts on “The Stormlight Archive Character Height Chart”

  1. The Roshar height standard is inaccurate. According to Brandon Sanderson a Roshar foot only contains 10 inches, so it’s impossible for someone like Renarin to be 5’11 in Roshar or Lift being 4’10 That would be like saying someone is 5’13 or 4’12 on earth.

    1. Though a Vorin foot only has 10 inches, the assumption is that on Roshar, 10 inches is equivalent to 12 inches on Earth.

      But, I see what you are saying. On Roshar, Renarin wouldn’t say he’s 5’11, he’d say he’s 6’1.

      But, since all of these heights are my own estimations, to make it more lore accurate, I would say Renarin is around 6’0 (or 6’4 on Earth) and Lift is 4’9 (or 5’1 on Earth).

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