The Stormlight Archive Trivia Quiz

The Stormlight Archive Trivia Quiz (55 Questions)

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

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Which Herald is forced to uphold the Oathpact alone?

Who stops Kaladin from committing suicide into the Honor Chasm?

What gift does Tien give Kaladin to make him feel better?

What weapon does Kaladin find in the chasms that helps him earn the respect of some of the Bridgemen?

What "mistake" does Shallan make when drawing a picture of Taravangian?

What is Kabsal's proof to Shallan that the Almighty exists?

What does Teft give Kaladin as a form of good luck for his night out in the highstorm?

What story does Hoid tell Kaladin in their first meeting?

What language does Navani reveal that Dalinar is speaking during his visions, proving that they are real?

What is the Second Ideal Kaladin says towards being a Knight Radiant?

What does Dalinar give to Sadeas for Kaladin and Bridge Four?

Who is revealed to be Szeth's secret master?

What is the name of the book that Jasnah gives Shallan about the Lightweavers?

In Shadesmar, what does Shallan try to convince to become fire?

Who does Rysn meet that's hanging upside down on the Reshi island?

Who has a mock duel with Kaladin to see if he is strong enough to protect Adolin and Renarin?

What does Shallan force Kaladin to give her during their first meeting?

Who teaches Shallan how to be a con artist?

What unexpected question does Shallan ask Adolin that makes him open up to her more?

What does Shallan notice about Amaram's shardblade?

What does Kaladin say to Dalinar as he jumps into the arena to save Adolin and Renarin?

What is the story that Wit tells Kaladin while he is in jail?

Who gets released from jail at the same time as Kaladin, much to his suprise?

How does Shallan kill her father, Lin?

What boon did Taravangian ask of the Nightwatcher?

What realization does Kaladin have regarding Elhokar, allowing him to make the final decision that he should save Elhokar?

What is the third ideal Kaladin says towards officially becoming a Knight Radiant?

What is one special characteristic of the sword that Nale gives to Szeth?

From which highlord did Dalinar win the shardblade, Oathbringer?

According to Shallan, what strange looking animal does Mraize keep with him?

What is the play that Shallan shows Pattern through her lightweaving?

What is the name of Dalinar's first wife?

Which Unmade does Shallan, Adolin, and Bridge Four fight in Urithiru?

How many years did Talenelat last under torture in Damnation?

What is the name of the writings that Taravangian created on the day he was a genius?

What is the name of the new Highmarshal of Kholinar City?

Which Knight Radiant Order does Lift belong to?

How did Dalinar's first wife die?

Who murders Elhokar?

Where do Venli and Dalinar meet for the first time?

What is the name of Rysn's pet larkin?

Who takes away Dalinar's memories of his first wife?

Who becomes the ruler of Alethkar?

What type of spren does Hoid bond?

What did the glyphward read that Navani burned after her fight with Gavilar the night of his assassination?

Which Fused does Kaladin duel over Hearthstone in a very respectful way?

According to Mraize, what is the Ghostblood's main goal?

Which member of Bridge Four asks Dalinar for permission to be relieved of active duty like Kaladin?

Whose future can neither the Diagram nor Odium see?

What is the nickname for the Fused that is obsessed with fighting Kaladin for revenge?

What is the result if you combine Honor's Pure Tone and Odium's Pure Tone in perfect harmony?

What is the name of Teft's bonded spren?

What important action does Raboniel do with the Anti-Voidlight dagger she makes?

What is the Fourth Ideal that Kaladin says as a Windrunner?

By the end of the book, in how many days is Dalinar's Contest of Champions against Odium?

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