The Stormlight Archive Knights Radiant Quiz

The Stormlight Archive Knights Radiant Quiz: Where do you belong?

The Stormlight Archive. The Way of Kings cover. The Knights Radiant Quiz


Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.

You come across a magical chest at the end of a dungeon. What do you first notice about it?

You must choose a weapon for your journey. What do you pick?

You find yourself at a crossroad. Which path do you take?

At midnight, a woman you don't know bangs on your front door screaming for help. What do you do?

You've just won the mega-millions lottery. What's your next step?

At a party, what are you most likely going to be doing?

What was your role while working on group projects?

Which seems the most appealing to you?

Your younger sibling calls you begging for help. They've just stolen $10,000 to pay for your mom's life saving surgery. They want to hide at your place. If they do, they won't get caught. What do you do?

Your magical spirit companion takes one of these forms. What does it become?

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    1. Hi,

      Currently (as of last night) there is a glitch with the quiz making program that I used to make the quiz. The quiz software developers should be working on a fix for it. I’ve sent them a message explaining the problem, so I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible.

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