The Wheel of Time Ajah Quiz: In Which Ajah do you belong?

The Wheel of Time Ajah Quiz: In Which Ajah do You Belong?

The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills...

Artwork by Sofia Augusto

You come across a stranger being attacked. What do you do?

Out of these professions, what interests you the most?

You find a lost puppy. What do you do?

On your morning jog, you come across a stranger passed out on the middle of the trail. What do you do?

Someone's been murdered! Who did it?

You are guaranteed a perfect score on the test if you cheat. You won't get caught. Do you do it?

This is your group of friends. What is your role?

How do you prefer to spend the weekend?

You're in a quiet library enjoying a book. Two strangers sit down next to you and begin loudly and badly singing opera. What do you do?

Which class would you pick in a fantasy story?

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