The Ultimate Star Wars Trivia Quiz (All Movies)

The Ultimate Star Wars Trivia Quiz

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Where did Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon go to escape the Droidekas?

What power did Qui-Gon use to convince Boss Nass to help them?

What part of the ship did R2 need to fix during the escape from Naboo?

What alien species is Sebulba the Pod Racer?

What was Anakin's Midichlorian count according to Obi-Wan?

What was the last thing Shmi Skywalker said to Anakin before he left with Qui-Gon?

What did Padme as Queen Amidala ask for in front of the Senate?

What event was a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one?

What did Anakin consider a good trick while he was in the space battle over Naboo?

What did Qui-Gon make Obi-Wan promise him right before he died?

What was the important vote that Padme came to Coruscant for?

How did Zam, the shapeshifting assassin, attempt to kill Padme while she was sleeping?

What information did Dex, the diner owner, give to Obi-Wan?

Why does Anakin not like sand?

What was Jango Fett's one demand apart from his pay?

How did Anakin find the Tusken Raider Camp where his mom was held?

What did Count Dooku reveal to Obi-Wan?

Who kills Jango Fett?

Which limb does Anakin lose in his fight with Count Dooku?

Where did Padme and Anakin get married?

Over which planet did the space battle occur to rescue Palpatine?

What is the one thing Obi-Wan says he's not brave enough for?

What did Anakin see in his vision regarding Padme?

What did Anakin view as outrageous and unfair?

What story did Chancellor Palpatine tell Anakin while watching a play?

How many Jedi did Mace Windu bring with him to arrest Palpatine?

According to Padme, how did liberty die?

What force power did Anakin use on Padme in Mustafar?

Why does Anakin lose his fight against Obi-Wan?

Who first discovered the path to Immortality?

What trinket does Han give to Qi'ra for luck?

What beast did Han have to face after being accused of being a deserter in the Imperial Army?

What were the name of the pirates that ruined Han and Beckett's train heist?

How did Lando Calrissian win the Millennium Falcon?

What was L3's core belief regarding Droids?

What is The Maw?

How fast did Han complete the Kessel Run?

Where did Beckett tell Han to meet him if Han survived his plan to betray Dryden Vos?

Who killed Dryden Vos?

Who is revealed to be the true leader of the Crimson Dawn?

What information did the pilot who was being held by Saw Gerrera have?

What was the secret mission given to Cassian Andor by General Draven?

What is used as the main source of fuel for the Death Star?

What did Chirrut Imwe always say to bring him comfort?

Where did Galen Erso hide the Death Star's weakness?

How does Galen Erso die?

What were Darth Vader's parting words to Director Krennic during their meeting?

What was the codename for the Death Star plans?

Who attempted to intercept the Death Star plans from reaching the Rebels in the hallway of the Rebel ship?

Who was the final recipient of the Death Star plans?

Where were the Death Star plans not located, according to the Stormtrooper reporting to Darth Vader?

Where was Luke planning on going before his Uncle told him to clean up R2 and C-3PO?

Why did Darth Vader force choke the Imperial Commander?

How did Obi-Wan describe Mos Eisley to Luke?

How much was Obi-Wan willing to pay Han Solo for transport to Alderaan?

Which cell number was Princess Leia held in on the Death Star?

After Luke shoots down a tie-fighter in the Millennium Falcon, what does Han say to him?

What creatures did Luke used to bullseye on Tatooine that were no bigger than two meters wide?

What was Luke's callsign during the attack on the Death Star?

What was the primary advice Obi-Wan gave to Luke during the attack on the Death Star?

What is the name of the ice planet where the Rebel base is located?

What unexpected thing does Leia do while in the medical room with Luke and Han?

How does Han escape the Star destroyers chasing them in the Millennium Falcon?

What item of Luke's does Yoda claim as his when they first meet?

Who does Luke see in the dark place of Dagobah?

Before Luke attempted to lift his X-Wing out of the swamp, what did Yoda tell him?

How does Han respond to Leia after she says she loves him?

Which limb does Luke lose in his fight with Darth Vader?

What did Darth Vader reveal to Luke after their fight?

How does Leia find Luke while he is hanging from Cloud City?

What was Luke's gift to Jabba the Hutt?

Who unfroze Han from the carbonite?

What was the creature Luke had to fight in Jabba's palace?

What was the last thing Yoda told Luke before he died?

Who brought the Rebels information regarding the construction plans for the second Death Star?

What is the name of the creatures that are natives of Endor?

Which Admiral of the Rebellion wisely said, "It's a trap!"

What made Luke fight extra hard against Darth Vader during their final fight?

How did the Emperor die?

What were Darth Vader's last words to Luke?

What did Poe give to BB-8 that Kylo Ren wanted?

How many portions was BB-8 worth to the portion exchanger, Unkar Plutt?

Why did BB-8 point out Finn to Rey at the trading post?

What creatures were Han Solo and Chewie hauling on their freighter?

Why did Luke disappear, according to Han Solo?

What does Kylo Ren talk to in his chambers when he's alone?

What did Rey discover about Kylo Ren while he was interrogating her?

How did Finn bring down the shields at Starkiller base?

What was the finishing attack Rey made on Kylo Ren during their lightsaber duel?

Who did Rey return the Skywalker Lightsaber to?

What class ship of the First Order did Poe and the Resistance successfully blow up during their escape from the Resistance base?

What did Rey find in a dead tree stump on Luke's island?

How does Leia survive being blown out into open space?

How is Luke convinced to help train Rey?

Where do Finn and Rose go to find the Codebreaker?

Who appears to Luke as a force ghost on the island?

How did Vice Admiral Holdo save the Resistance?

What was unique about the planet, Crait, where the Resistance made a last stand?

How did Luke beat Kylo Ren on Crait?

What item disappeared in Kylo Ren's hands after he found it in the deserted Resistance base on Crait?

What important item did Kylo Ren find after his battle in the forest?

What unique flying technique did Poe do in the Millennium Falcon to escape the Tie-Fighters?

What event did Rey and the group come across in the middle of the Pasaana desert?

What item did Rey find that was inscribed with the location of the sith wayfinder?

What did Rey tell Finn she saw in a vision?

Who is revealed to be the spy in the First Order?

What did Leia leave for Rey after she died?

What was Palpatine's plan for Rey once she reached the throne room?

Who did Ben Solo have to fight before he could reach the throne room?

How did Ben Solo save Rey?

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