The Wheel of Time Trivia Quiz

"There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning."

What is the name of the festival the citizens of the Two Rivers celebrate every beginning of Spring?

Which town did the main group first encounter Min Farshaw?

Which group did Perrin and Egwene travel with together?

What was the real name of the Green Man?

What was the Eye of the World revealed to be?

Who is held prisoner in Fal Dara at the beginning of The Great Hunt?

Who does Nynaeve fight during her testing to become Accepted?

What was Thom's girlfriend/apprentice's name?

What was Egwene's damane name?

Who blows the Horn of Valere?

What ta'veren event does Rand accidentally cause outside the camp of the Dragon Reborn?

What punishment does Siuan give Egwene for leaving the Tower?

What is Mat's primary choice of weapon in The Dragon Reborn?

What type of animal does Perrin find Faile asleep next to while she is trapped in her dream?

Who ends up killing Be'lal at the end of the Dragon Reborn?

Who does Selene reveal herself to be?

What animal head shape is Mat's medallion?

What title do the Aiel give Rand after returning from Rhuidean?

What title do the people of the Two Rivers give Perrin after saving them from the Trollocs?

What angreal does Rand channel through to bring rain to the Aiel?

What song does Mat sing while throwing knives with the Aiel?

What gift does Rand give Aviendha that accidentally puts her in his debt?

What performance does Elayne do in Valan Luca's menagerie?

How does Moiraine attack Lanfear at the Cairhien Docks?

Who bonds Rand against his will?

Who's wellbeing does Rand ask about during his meeting with the Aes Sedai who brought him gifts?

How many Aes Sedai does it take to trap Rand through Shielding?

With what words are the Asha'man ordered to exterminate the Shaido?

How does Mazrim Taim respond to the Aes Sedai, Bera and Kiruna, after they try and take command?

What is Rand's final punishment of Colavaere, the Queen of Cairhien?

How does Cadsuane anger Rand during their initial meeting?

What are the group of women called who left the White Tower, usually for failing the Accepted or Shawl Test?

How does Queen Tylin finally get Mat to sleep with her?

How does Rand kill Sammael?

How many channelers does it take to fix the weather using the Bowl of the Winds?

Who is Galina Casban most scared of in the Shaido camp?

How does Egwene cement her control over the Rebel Aes Sedai?

Why does Rand feel like he lost the battle in Altara?

Who captures Faile?

What embarrassing thing is Elayne forced to do in order to become first sisters with Avienda?

What herb is put in Elayne's tea to poison her?

What is Tuon's nickname for Mat?

What sa'angreal does Rand and Nyneave use to cleanse Saidin?

How does Elayne refer to her unborn babies?

What type of bugs infest the grain sacks in the Rebel Aes Sedai camp?

What vision does Egwene have while looking for True Dreams?

What do the citizens in So Harbor claim to have seen?

How does Egwene get captured by the White Tower?

What is Olver's favorite board game to play?

What contents were in Moiraine's letter addressed to Thom?

What does Nynaeve make Lan promise her?

Who flies for Tarmon Gai'don?

How does Tuon finalize her relationship with Mat?

What are Seaine, Doesine, Yukiri, and Saerin revealed to be doing in the basement of the White Tower?

What does Egwene say to Elaida that makes her lose control?

What does Egwene use to fight the Seanchan in the White Tower?

What was Verin's lie that she told Egwene?

What does Rand realize is the answer to Tam's question for why he fights?

What plan does Rand tell Egwene about in their meeting at the White Tower?

Why does Galad want to fight Perrin in a battle?

How does Perrin shock Egwene during the dream battle in the White Tower?

How did Mat sacrifice half the light of the world?

What does Moiraine ask of Thom once they are out of the Tower?

Who is named Commander-In-Chief of the forces of Light?

How does Rand convince Tuon to join the Dragon's Peace Treaty?

What was Egwene's new weave called that she created during the Last Battle?

How does Lan greet Demandred on the battlefield?

How does Rand defeat the Dark One?

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