A Court of Thorns and Roses Trivia Quiz

What animal does Feyre come across while hunting, only to see that a wolf is hunting it also?

What type of creature will answer any question asked of it if captured?

When Tamlin magically altered Feyre's family's memories, who did he make them believe Feyre went to live with?

Which season does the Great Rite mark the beginning of?

What animal does Tamlin sacrifice on the night of the Great Rite?

When Rhysand asks Feyre her name, what name does Feyre first give him?

What does Feyre have to do in her first trial for Amarantha?

What does Rhysand make Feyre vow to him, in order for him to heal her?

What does Feyre have to do in her second trial for Amarantha?

What does Feyre have to do in her third and final trial for Amarantha?

What was the answer to Amarantha's riddle that Feyre figured out right before her death?

How many High Priestesses are there?

By entering Lucien's mind, what is Feyre revealed to be?

What does Rhysand immediately notice about Feyre after she returns to his court for another week?

What is another name for the City of Velaris?

What item does Amren give to Feyre so that she won't become trapped in the Prison?

Where was the halve of Book of Breathings located at the Summer Court?

What is the name of the orb that contained truth magic used to convince the mortal queens that Rhysand wasn't a monster?

What was Feyre told she had to do in order for her to heal Rhysand of the poison?

Who gave Feyre's sisters location away to the King of Hybern?

What title was Feyre given the night before she went to the Spring Court with Tamlin?

What item does Feyre unconsciously break in half in anger while thinking about her two sisters?

Which two Hybern commanders come with Jurian to Tamlin's manor?

What is the name of the poison that weakens the powers of High Fae?

Who rescues Feyre and Lucien when they are being attacked by Eris and the rest of Lucien's brothers?

What item does the Bone Carver ask Feyre and Cassian to retrieve for him if they want his help in the fight against the King of Hybern?

Who does Elain Archeron have a mating bond with?

What story does Azriel tell Feyre while he is training her on how to use her wings?

What is the name of the power that allows someone to transport to another location?

Who does Feyre glamour herself to look like in order to sneak into Hybern's camp to rescue Elain?

Who sacrifices herself in order to destroy Hybern's army?

What day is Feyre's birthday?

Which of these does Rhys get Feyre for her birthday?

What fun tradition between Cassian, Rhys, and Azriel takes place every Winter Solstice?

What does Feyre show Rhys the night of the Winter Solstice?

What does Tamlin ask Rhys while they are alone at the Spring Court?

While Nesta is working in the library, what type of food magically appears out of nowhere?

What bargain does Cassian make with Nesta in order to get her to train with him?

What special property does the Trove item, the Mask, have?

How many steps are there from Nesta's apartment to the city?

How does Rhys describe Nesta's powers after he witnesses her mind the night after her first scry attempt?

Why does Rhys kick Nesta out of Velaris and threaten to kill her?

What gift does Cassian get Nesta during the Winter Solstice?

What does the name of Nesta's sword, Ataraxia, mean?

Who arranged for Nesta to be brought to the Blood Rite?

What does Nesta trade with The Cauldren to save Rhys, Feyre, and their unborn son's life?

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