Avatar: The Last Airbender Trivia Quiz (Difficulty: Medium)

Avatar: The Last Airbender Trivia Quiz (All Seasons)

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang

Water, Earth, Fire, Air...

What is the first question Aang asks Katara?

How does Aang beat Zuko on his warship allowing him to escape on Appa?

What is Uncle Iroh's favorite type of tea?

How does Sokka spend most of his time on Kyoshi Island?

What is the secret of Genomite, the climbing rock that Sokka and Katara were covered in by Bumi?

Why did Haru, the Earthbender kid the group meets, get arrested by the Fire Nation soldiers?

What animal form did the Hei Bai spirit turn into?

Which Avatar did Aang meet during the Winter Solstice?

What did Aang buy in the market that caused Katara to take the money pouch from him?

What did Sokka discover about Jet?

What was the "true" story of the Gan Jin and Zhang Tribe ancestors that Aang revealed?

Why was Zuko challenged to an Agni Kai by his father when he was a kid?

What was the name of Zuko's alias when he rescued Aang from prison?

What was the danger that the town of Aunt Wu, the fortuneteller, was facing?

What power did June the Bounty Hunter's mount, Nyla, have?

What made Jeong Jeong, the Deserter, finally agree to teach Aang firebending?

What secret did Aang discover in the Northern Air Temple?

Why was Katara disappointed when she first got to the Northern Water Tribe?

What did Katara and Aang find in the most spiritual place in the North Pole?

What was unique about the spirit named Koh?

What is Azula's nickname for Zuko?

Who is revealed to be the very first Earthbenders?

What is the key to Earthbending?

Who did Sokka think he saw in the swamp?

Which Avatar was accused of murder on Avatar Day?

What was Toph's Fighter name in Earth Rumble 6?

What was the punishment Fire Lord Azulon gave Ozai for his suggestion to betray Iroh?

How did the Azula and her train keep finding the group?

What advanced firebending technique did Iroh try to teach Zuko after getting beat by Azula?

What type of creature guarded Wan-chi Tong's Library?

What secret society is Iroh a member of?

What did Ying, the pregnant woman that was helped through Serpant's pass, name her baby daughter?

How did Aang defeat the giant drill attacking Ba Sing Se?

Where did Iroh and Zuko get a job in Ba Sing Se?

What was the song Iroh sang to honor his son?

Which of Team Avatar's friends helped Appa when he was taken?

Where do the Dai Li take people to get brainwashed?

How did Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai successfully infiltrate the Earth King's palace in Ba Sing Se?

How did Toph escape her captors?

How did Aang get injured at the end of the battle in the crystal cave?

What lie did Azula tell Fire Lord Ozai on their return to the Fire Nation?

How did Aang teach the Fire Nation kids to have fun?

What was the alter ego Katara took to help the small Fire Nation fishing village?

What material did Sokka use to make his sword?

While on Ember Island, who did Zuko reveal he was most angry with?

How did Avatar Roku die?

What was the nickname Toph was given after she became a scammer?

What was Hama the Innkeeper's secret?

Who did Aang see in every one of his nightmares?

What special way did Aang say goodbye to Katara on the Day of the Invasion?

How did Ozai convince Zuko to stay and talk right before the Eclipse ended?

Who was the first member of the group to give Zuko a chance after he tried to befriend them at the Air Temple?

What was the name of the Firebending form Zuko and Aang learned at the Sun Warrior Temple?

How did Zuko respond to Sokka telling him about Yue turning into the moon?

Who captured the warden during the group's escape from Boiling Rock?

What was the name of the group who killed Katara's mom?

What made Aang stop watching the Ember Island Player's play?

What title did Ozai give himself as the Supreme Leader of the New World?

From what creature did Aang learn the secret Avatar technique of Energybending?

Why did Azula banish the Dai Li?

What was Aang's final judgement on Firelord Ozai?

27 thoughts on “Avatar: The Last Airbender Trivia Quiz (Difficulty: Medium)”

  1. I got the first earthbenders question wrong but I feel like that is a pretty hard one. Well made quiz, almost got me a few times! Feel good about my 60/61

  2. Omg this was so fun! Keep up the good work I loved this quiz! I got 60/61 because I was unsure about the answer to the second question haha.

  3. the second question answer is wrong. It should be the second option.
    Aang gets knocked off the side of the warship, then while sinking to the bottom of the frozen river taps into the avatar state and creates a water tornado taking out Zuko along with his crew and knocking them off the edge. This is what allows the initial escape where they then deflect Zuko and Iroh’s fire creating the snow pile.

    1. Yeah. Water first, then deflection.
      Also, isn’t Iroh’s favorite tea jasmine? In the first season, at Captain Zhao’s camp, I think he says ginseng, but at all points afterwards he claims it’s jasmine. That’s the only one I got wrong.

  4. I scored 60/61. They said Uncle air oh favorite rea wasn’t Jasmine Tea but he named his rea shop Jasmine Tea, right?

  5. That was fun. Still think Aang defeated the giant drill attacking Ba Sing by using a giant boulder. Sokka & Katara were the one’s who attacked the pressure points from the inside. 😉

  6. The only thing i got wrong are two questions about earhtbending, and it was jing thingy and first earthbenders. But the quiz is well made

  7. Wow this was a great quiz. It was very long and I liked that. I got 57/61, 4 wrong and I watched the whole series 5 times full! LOL! Nice questions, very hard for me.

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