The Legend of Korra Trivia Quiz

Legend of Korra Cover

A New Legend Begins...

What is the name of the Anti-Bender faction led by Amon?

What was Mako and Bolin's Pro Bending team name?

What power did Amon show during his Revelation speech?

How did Asami and Mako first meet?

Where do Bolin and Korra go for their date?

Why did Lin Beifong dislike Tenzin when Korra first saw them together?

Where was Hiroshi Sato's hidden factory located?

What embarrassing thing did Ikki reveal about Korra to Asami?

Who did Aang and Toph arrest for crimes against Republic City involving a unique form of Bloodbending?

What did Tenzin and Pema name their new baby?

What is Amon's true identity?

Who restores Korra's bending after Amon took it away?

What prize did Korra win from playing the carnival game in the Southern Water Tribe?

Why was Tonroq, Korra's dad, banished from the Northern Water Tribe?

Why were Kya and Bumi angry with Tenzin for many years?

Where did Tenzin find Ikki after she ran away?

Who tipped off President Raiko about Korra's plan with General Iroh to help the Southern Water Tribe?

Why did Mako suspect Varrick for setting up the attacks?

What was the first element that Wan, the very first Avatar, learned to use?

Where did Wan imprison Vaatu at their battle during the Harmonic Convergence?

Who guides Korra into the spirit world for the first time?

Who finds Korra in the Spirit World when she's lost in the spirit forest?

What is the name of Varrick's battleship?

What was Unalaq's plan for the Harmonic Conversion?

What unexpected person did Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi see in the Fog of Lost Souls?

Where did Korra physically see her past memories?

What was Korra's approval rating in the polls throughout Republic City after she defeated Unalaq?

What lie did Kai tell the group before they accepted him as an Air Disciple?

What task did the Queen of Ba Sing Se make Korra do before she would help her find Airbenders?

Where were the Airbenders located in Ba Sing Se?

Who was the Airbending master that Zaheer admired?

What activity did Lin do in order to relax and confront her past issues with her sister?

Who did Jinora and Kai get kidnapped by?

How did the Red Lotus knock out and kidnap Korra?

Where did Korra find Aiwei after he escaped the metal clan?

Who in the Red Lotus killed the Earth Queen?

What was Zaheer's main goal once he reached the Northern Air Temple?

How did Zaheer learn to fly?

Who removes the poison from Korra?

What was the people's nickname for Kuvira?

Who helped Korra with her rehabilitation in her three year absence?

Who did Korra train with to help her gain her confidence back?

What did the Banyangrove Tree show Korra?

Which defining moment created the rift between Kuvira and Suyin?

What was Kuvira's proposal to Korra regarding the fate of Zaofu?

How did Korra find Prince Wu after he was kidnapped?

What were Prince Wu and Mako doing before they recapped Mako's love life?

Who helped lead Korra back into the Spirit World after she had been blocked out for three years?

Who does Toph say is Lin's dad?

How did Korra convince Baatar to tell Kuvira to stop the invasion of Republic City?

How does Korra and her group get into the giant mech?

Where do Asami and Korra decide to go on vacation?

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